Friday, March 23, 2012

Singapore River

3) Using photographic evidences, do you think the shape course of Singapore River will change in the future? Justify your answers. 

Singapore River (Past):

Singapore River(Now):

Referring to the pictures above, i believe that the shape course will not change much. As from all pictures, only certain parts might be taken up slightly to build a bigger mall or an extension of land for better view. Also, the Singapore River is very important as it is a part of our Singapore's history, and it is also a tourist attraction. Unless the government wants to build something like a walkway or a dock in the Singapore River, there shouldn't be any changes to the shape course. Also, the original shape course would need to be kept as much as possible in order for students like us who are curious to learn about the history of Singapore and tourists to learn as much facts as possible.

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