Thursday, March 22, 2012

Reflection (Akhila)

What we enjoyed most when working on this task
I enjoyed walking along the river with my group mates while we were doing the task. It was fun to work outdoors with my group mates. I liked the Asian Civilisation Museum a lot as it has a wide range of exhibits of the different countries in Asia. The write-up beside the exhibits was very helpful and I learnt a lot about the culture, activities and beliefs of the different races.

What were some challenges we faced? 
We were not sure of the directions to the Asian civilizations museum from the Singapore river.Thus, at first,we got lost and went the other side of the Singapore River instead. We wasted a lot of time trying to find the correct way to the museum. Due to this wastage of time, we had little time left to do our geography task at the end.

Describe ONE area that you think your group could do better if given an opportunity to do it again.
If we were given another opportunity, We would plan our route well. With good planning, we could have saved a lot of time and spend more time on the geography task. 

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