Friday, March 23, 2012

Change and Continuity

1) Adequate information on the "Change and Continuity" in the river system/ river profile and ancient civilisation. 
-along Singapore River, from Coleman Bridge to Anderson Bridge
-at the Asian Civilisations Museum

The Singapore River wasn't that clean in the past...

Today, tour boats float on waters, as tourists and locals alike sit on and enjoy the scenery. 


The mouth of the Singapore River used to be the old port of Singapore, the humble beginnings of Singapore's existence. 
Trading, where our forefathers lived, the early civilisation of Singapore.

When Sir Stamford Raffles landed on the Singapore River, he realised how important the Singapore River was, and it was a very good place for trading, and it expanded rapidly over the years, starting from 1880...

With rapid population growth and urbanisation, the Singapore River ended up becoming into an open sewer and rubbish dump as all forms of waste were discharged into them. That was during the 1970s. Then, a clean-up campaign was introduced, and the river were clean around 1987. After which, regular inspections started to make sure the sewage system is working well, and the river cleans. 

Today, the Singapore River is now part of the Marina Reservoir after damming the Singapore River at its outlet to the sea to create a new reservoir of freshwater. The damn is called the Marina Barrage. Old kampongs and shops where our forefathers lived were replaced with new hotels stand alongside old restored wharehouses, which have been converted to shops, restaurants, along the upper reaches of the Singapore River. 

And there you go, the Marina Barrage.

This is the Old Tao Nan School building

The Asian Civilisation Museum first opened its doors at the Old Tao Nan School building on 22 April 1997 at Armenian Street, with exhibits focusing mainly on Chinese civilisation. When the Empress Place Building was renovated, the museum started to exhibit collections from Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Asia and East Asia. 

There is a wide variety of exhibits, ranging from artwork to medieval prints. 

The exhibits are displayed in a huge museum, works of art from China, all the way to India. It is so exquisite!

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