Thursday, March 22, 2012

Reflection by Amelia

As this project is a group project, whenever we have queries regarding anything, I could just turn to a member for help. Working together rather than as a individual made me very happy. I was very happy to be able to go visit the museum and river to revisit the past of Singapore's history and the world's influence on Singapore. It let me understand and appreciate the evolution of Singapore in both geographically and history.

When walking a path, there would definitely be obstacles obstructing the way. In this case, one major obstruction was the lack of preparation, leading to the group getting lost in Clarke Quay while trying to find the way to Ancient Civilisation Museum. We also faced another difficulty which was spending too much time on one location. Hence, leading no time to do Geography.

We could plan ahead of time like how to get there and brief information about Ancient Civilisation Museum and the Singapore River instead of going there without a clue. Time management awas another area to be improved as we spend more than an hour finding our way and reach the Clarke Quay MRT. By the time we finished exploring Ancient Civilisation Museum, we had no time to do the other task. We could also have split up the job with 2 members doing the river while the other 2 members did the museum to save time.

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