Thursday, March 22, 2012


What we enjoyed most when working on this task
We enjoyed taking pictures and walking along the river with each other. It was a good feeling to go out with our friends. The artifacts in the Asian Civilisation Museum was also intricate and exquisite, and going to the Asian Civilisation Museum was a good way to know some history of the specific parts/area of Asia. 

What were some challenges we faced? 
We did not plan our route properly and got lost and went the other side of the Singapore River. We wasted time trying to find our way to the museum. We could not even spot the Coleman Bridge until our classmates told us. However, we could not even find the Anderson bridge, and we ended up not completing the Geography task. 

Describe ONE area that you think your group could do better if given an opportunity to do it again.
Planning our route well. It was a challenge to tackle, and we had to face consequences, like time management, and we had to rush about taking pictures in the museum as we were short of time.

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